Q. Why has my account been disabled?

A. The only times that your account will be disabled are as follows;

1. Outstanding bill on your account
2. Abuse of your service in violation of our service agreement

Outstanding Bills on your Account

There are several reasons why this might happen such as;

- You have changed your address and not informed us (Payment Slips cannot be delivered)
- Credit card on your account can no longer be used (e.g. expired, charge rejected, etc.)
- Direct debit from your account failed

In the case of credit card and direct debit payments, if these are unsuccessful, we will notify you by email of this and automatically change the payment method here and send a copy of the payment slip out to you by post. If you do not receive it because your address is not up to date on your account here, we will try to contact you on the phone number registered on your account here.

Should the account be disabled as a result of the potential issues above, you can get this enabled again by following the instructions provided here.

If you are concerned that your account may be disabled in the future or you haven't received a payment slip for the most recent month of service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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