Q. How do I cancel my service with Rakuten Broadband Premium?

A. There are currently 2 ways that you can cancel your service with us;

1. Via the Members Station
2. By completing a Cancellation form and submitting it to us

1. If you would like to cancel the account via the Members Station, you will need to know your user ID and password for your account. The user ID is the same as the email address you received, minus the @gol.com part. (For example, if your email address is example@gol.com, the user ID is simply "example")

Once you have your ID and password and have logged into the Members Station, you can cancel your service by clicking on the "Cancel Service" link in the left hand side menu. You can then follow the instructions from here to cancel your service. If you have any problems submitting the cancellation online, please don't hesitate to contact us.

2. If you cannot remember your user ID and password or would prefer to cancel using our Cancellation form, please contact us and we can send this to you either by email, fax or by post. Once you have received and completed the form, you can return it to us by email, fax or by post. If you do return it to us by fax, please make sure to give us a call or send us an email so that we can confirm we have received it.

Cancellations must be received by the 25th of the same month you wish to end your services. If received after the 25th, your account will be cancelled as of the end of the following month. “Desired Month of Termination” refers to the final month in which services remain active. If you do not specify the month of termination, the cancellation process will proceed based on the month in which this form is received.

Rakuten Broadband Premium bills one month in arrears and we do not prorate on a daily basis. Customers are free to cancel at any time during any given month but Rakuten Broadband Premium cannot give any refunds or credit for unused account time. Rakuten Broadband Premium can issue payment slips ahead of time, charge credit cards or provide account information for furikomi payments if you are leaving Japan before your account is canceled or before the final bill is sent/processed. Please contact us for more information about these options.

Please note that Rakuten Broadband Premium will not cancel any services you have with NTT for you. Users of the FLETS ADSL or BFLETS Fiber Optics services will need to contact NTT directly to cancel the service with them as well. NTT can be contacted in English on 0120-364-463 (FLETS ADSL) or 0120-565-950 (BFLETS Fiber Optics).

If you are using an eAccess ADSL service or are renting a router from us, please make sure to return the rental modem/router to the following address;
NEC Access Technica, SL Seizo-bu Rental Group 800 Shimomata, Kakegawa-shi, Shizuoka-ken, 〒436-8501

The devices that Rakuten Broadband Premium provide are as follows;
- Aterm WD701VC rental modem (eAccess ADSL users only)
- Aterm DR304CV rental modem (eAccess ADSL users only)
- Aterm WR7610HV rental router (FLETS ADSL and BFLETS Fiber Optics users only)

Should you have any questions about the cancellation of your account at Rakuten Broadband Premium, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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