Q. Where do I return my modem or router?

1. If you are using an eAccess ADSL service or are renting an Aterm modem from us, please return the rental modem to the following address.

Return address:
NEC Access Technica, SL Seizo-bu Rental Group 800 Shimomata, Kakegawa-shi, Shizuoka-ken, 〒436-8501

Qualified routers / modems:
- Aterm WD701VC rental modem (eAccess ADSL users only)
- Aterm DR304CV rental modem (eAccess ADSL users only)
- Aterm WR7610HV rental router (FLETS ADSL and BFLETS Fiber Optics users only)

2. Non-Aterm branded models should be returned to NTT. Please contact NTT for details.

NTT East: 0120-565-950
NTT West: 0120-064-337

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