Q. How do I block and report spam mail?

A. By default, the email accounts are provided with no spam filtering enabled on them. The result of this is that after a certain period of time, it is likely that the amount of spam mail that you receive will increase significantly.

There are several free spam filters that can be enabled on your account at any time. Our FAQ page here describes how to check your current spam filter settings and update them.

With regards to reporting spam, this should only be submitted when all of the available filters have been enabled in the Members Station. If the spam filters are not enabled, any spam reports will be ignored as the existing filters would have likely blocked them anyway.

If you are using all of the filters already and want to report a mail as spam, the simplest way to do this is via the Webmail site. If you login to the site and click on the message you want to report, there is a "Junk" option there for you to use. Clicking that button will move the mail to the "Junk" folder (if folder settings are in the default state) and send a report to our team confirming that it is spam. Once completed, we would highly recommend deleting mail from the "Junk" folder as well to prevent your mailbox becoming full.

Alternatively, spam can be reported by sending the mail with the full headers to spam@gol.com. You should be able to do this from the mail application you are using but please note that if headers are not included and/or you do not have filtering enabled, any reports will simply be ignored.