Q. What are the settings I need to use to setup my email account?

A. If you cannot find the instructions for your specific email client on our FAQ site or just want to check the settings you need to use to be able to send and receive email with your @gol.com account, please refer to the following information;

Incoming mail server name - popmail.gol.com (for POP or IMAP)
Incoming mail user name - username@gol.com
Incoming mail password - Your Rakuten Broadband Premium account password
Incoming mail server security (SSL/TLS) - On
Incoming mail port number - POP (995), IMAP (993) 

NOTE: If you are unable to connect to the server and receive email with SSL/TLS turned on,  we would suggest checking any anti-virus software settings that are blocking the connection.
It is also possible to connect to the server using POP/IMAP ports of 110/143 but we highly recommend using STARTTLS if you are planning to do this to secure the connection to the server. 

Outgoing mail server name - mail.gol.com
Outgoing mail user name - username@gol.com
Outgoing mail password - Your Rakuten Broadband Premium account password
Outgoing mail port number - 465 (using SSL/TLS) or 587 (using STARTTLS)

NOTE: Depending on the email client you are using, you may only have the option to use SSL/TLS to secure the connection to the server. In cases like these, you should make sure the port number has been set to 465. 

Depending on your email client, you will need to make sure that authentication is setup when you are sending mail. The server confirms you are an authentic user based on your user name (including the @gol.com part) and your password so if you are unable to send email, please check the authentication settings for outgoing mail in your email client.

To confirm where to check and update these settings for your particular mail client, please refer to the following link.

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