Q. How do I connect to the Web Hosting Package server via FTP?

A. In order to connect to the server via FTP, the first thing you will need to do is make sure that you have an FTP account setup in the Subscriber Control Panel (SCP). You can do this by;

1. Browsing to the SCP
2. Log in with your Subscriber ID and password
3. Select "Site Manager" and then "FTP Manager" in the control panel
4. Check to see if an account is setup:
 - If there isn't an account listed here, click on "Add New" to create a new FTP account.
 - If there is an account listed here but you can't remember the password for it, you can change this now by clicking on the "Edit" button under "Change Password"

If you cannot remember your Subscriber ID or password, please contact us.

Once you have your FTP account setup, you will need to use an FTP client to connect to the server. If you do not have an FTP client already, we can recommend that you use FileZilla which can be downloaded for free here.

You can now connect to the Web Hosting Package server by using the following information;

1. Host name/Server name - ftp.your-domain-name.com*
2. User name - Created in the Control Panel (e.g. user-name@your-domain-name.com)
3. Password - Specified in the Control Panel
4. Port Number - Depending on the FTP client you are using, you may need to specify this. In this case, please use port 21

*If your-domain-name.com is not currently pointing to our DNS servers (dns01.whp-gol.com/dns02.whp-gol.com), you can still connect to the server via FTP by using the web server name. This server is web0xx.whp-gol.com, where xx is the number of the server your site is hosted on, e.g. 01. You can check the number of the server in the FTP Manager or Site Summary in the Control Panel.

Once you have entered this information into your FTP client, you should now be able to connect to the server and upload your web site data. This should be uploaded into the "public_html" folder or the "www" folder, depending on the Web Hosting Package you are using. By default, the FTP account created in the Control Panel will upload data to the correct directory but if you modified the "Path" entry when you created the account you may need to browse to "public_html" or "www" yourself.

The first file loaded when browsing to www.your-domain-name.com is the one named index.html/index.php/index.(file extension) in the "public_html" directory. Please make sure you have a file named index uploaded on the server and make sure to delete or rename the index.htm file that is on the server the first time you connect to it via FTP. This file is the "Welcome" page that is put on to the server by default.

If you have any problems connecting to the server via FTP or have any questions about it, please feel free to contact us.

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