Q. I cannot send email from my iPhone. What's causing this?

A. If you are unable to send email from your iPhone, please check the following information.

 1. Please check the Outgoing Mail Server information below.

      Host Name - mail.gol.com
      User Name - Enter your email address here (e.g. user-id@gol.com)
      Password - Your account password

 2. Make sure that you have the following settings.

      Use SSL - OFF
      Authentication - Password
      Server Port - 587

 3. Make sure that the mail.gol.com SMTP server is set to "On" and is the "Primary  Server". 

NOTE: If there are multiple "GOL" SMTP servers listed already, this can prevent you from being able to send email from your iPhone. If you do have several SMTP servers named "GOL" that are set to "Off'" please tap on each one of these separately to view the SMTP server information. Once here, you can choose "Delete" at the bottom of the page to remove them.