Q. How do I setup my internet connection in Mac OS versions 10.5 onwards?

A. Please follow the guide below to setup your connection ID and password from Rakuten Broadband Premium in Mac OS 10.4.

NOTE - These instructions apply when you are connecting your computer directly to the NTT device. If you are using a router, please refer to the manufacturers guide to configure this device.

1. Click on the Apple Logo in the top left corner of the screen and click "System Preferences..." here

2. Click on "Network" in the Systems Preferences screen

3. Click on the "Location:" drop down menu and select "Edit Locations..." here

4. Click on the + button in the bottom left corner to add a new location

5. Enter a name for the new location here. We recommend something simple such as "GOL". Click "Done" once the name has been entered

6. You should now see "GOL" listed in the "Location:" at the top of the screen. Click on the "Ethernet" option in the left hand side menu here

7. Click the drop down menu box next to “Configure” and select the option “Create PPPoE Service…”

8. You will be asked to name the new PPPoE service. Again, we recommend using something simple such as "GOL". Click "Done" once the name has been entered

9. Click on the new "GOL" option in the left hand side menu here

10. Enter your account information from Rakuten Broadband Premium into this screen

PPPoE Service Name: (This can be left blank)

Account Name: Depending on the service you are using, the connection ID should look like one of those listed below;

FLETS ADSL - user-id@adsl8.vips.gol.com
BFETS/FLETS NEXT Fiber Optic Mansion type - user-id@b-man.vips.gol.com
BFETS/FLETS NEXT Fiber Optic Family type -user-id@b-fam.vips.gol.com

Password: Enter the password you received from Rakuten Broadband Premium here

NOTE - The connection ID and password are case sensitive. Please enter this exactly as shown on your documentation from us

Remember this password: Check
Show PPPoE status in menu bar: Check

Click on the "Advanced..." button after entering your account information

11. Click on the "PPP" tab here and check the option "Connect automatically when needed". Click "OK" after checking this option

12. Click the "Apply" button here to save the changes

13. After clicking the "Apply" button, make sure the "GOL" option has been selected from the left hand side menu. You should then be able to click the "Connect" button here and connect to the internet.

After clicking the "Connect" button, you should be able to connect to the internet. You should now be able to connect automatically in the future as well by simply opening your web browser.

If you have any problems connecting, please refer to our other FAQs or contact us.

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