Q. How do I setup my account in Thunderbird 2?

A. Step 1. Create a new profile

1. Open Thunderbird 2 and click on "Tools" and then "Account Settings..." here

(If you already have an account setup, continue on to "Step 2. Configuring/Modifying SMTP (outgoing mail) server.")

2. Click on "Add Account..." in the bottom left corner of the screen

3. Select "Email account" and then click "Next"

4. Enter your account information here;

Your name: Enter your name here
Email Address: Enter your email address

Click "Next" once this information has been entered

5. Select "POP" as the account type here and then enter the incoming mail server;

Incoming Server: popmail.gol.com

The option "Use Global Inbox" is up to you. Once you have entered the information here, click "Next"

NOTE - Please see this FAQ page to see the difference between a POP and IMAP type account

6. Enter your email address here and then click "Next"

Incoming User Name: user-id@gol.com

7. You can enter any name here to refer to the account. For simplicity, we have entered the email address again

Account Name: user-id@gol.com

Click "Next" once you have entered an account name

8. You should now see a summary of the account settings. Click "Finish" here

Step 2.  Configuring/Modifying SMTP (outgoing mail) server

1. After creating the account in Step 1, you should be returned to the Account Settings window. If you are not returned to this screen or need to access it again, click on "Tools" and then "Account Settings..." in Thunderbird

2. You should now see your account listed in the left hand side menu. Select "Outgoing Server (SMTP)" here

3. Select the mail.gol.com server on the right hand side of the screen and click the "Edit..." button

4. Please make sure you have the following settings here;

Description: mail.gol.com
Server name: mail.gol.com
Port: 587

Use name and password: Checked
User name: Enter your email address
Use secure authentication: No

Once you have checked these settings, click "OK". You will be returned to the Account Settings screen and you can click "OK" again here to close this screen

You should now be able to send and receive email in Thunderbird 2. If you have any problems sending or receiving mail after confirming the settings you have are correct, please refer to our other FAQs or contact us

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