Q. How do I transfer control of a domain name to Rakuten Communications?

A. Depending on the domain name and the current domain registrar, there are several different ways to transfer control of a domain name to Rakuten Communications. The basic process is as follows;

1. Contact us and inform us that you would like to transfer control of your domain name to us. We will then ask you to complete an application for the registration of the domain name or a Web Hosting Package if you are planning on using this in conjunction with the domain name

2. Contact your current domain registrar and explain that you would like to transfer control of the domain name away from them. At this point, they may ask you to complete some form of documentation or login to a Control Panel to authorize any transfer request that is received

If you are not sure who your current domain registrar is, you can normally find this out by doing a WHOIS lookup. If you are using a .xx.jp domain and cannot find this information on the JPRS site, please either contact JPRS or us and we can try to confirm this for you

3. After we have received your application for the Domain Name registration or Web Hosting Package service, we will send a domain transfer request to your current registrar. They will then either authorize the transfer, ask you to authorize the transfer via a Control Panel or will provide an authorization code to provide to us.

Once the transfer process has been initialized, it will usually take 1-3 days to complete

If you have any questions or concerns about the domain transfer process, please feel free to contact us

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