Q. How do I setup my Rakuten Broadband Premium account in my Aterm WR7610HV router?

A. Once you have the Aterm WR7610HV router connected to the NTT device and your computer connected to the router itself, please follow these steps to configure the Aterm modem;

1. Open up your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) and type the IP address into the address bar. You should see the following screen;

You will need to enter a password into the 2 text fields here. This sets the password for the router itself so we suggest entering something easy to remember such as "admin". Once you have entered the password you want to assign to the router, click on the 設定 button to continue.

Please note, if the password you entered into the 2 fields here does not match, you will be returned to this screen and asked to enter the password again. The password itself can only contain letters, hyphens and underscores so if you entered a password including numbers or other special characters, please enter a different password to continue with the configuration of the device.

2. You should now see the following screen where you can enter your account information from Rakuten Broadband Premium. The settings you should choose here are as follows;

設定バターン - 設定2 (Configuration - Setting 2)
接続先名 - GOL (Connection name - GOL)
ユーザ名 - The connection ID you received from Rakuten Broadband Premium*
パスワード - The password you received from Rakuten Broadband Premium**

* The connection ID will be in one of the following forms;
- user-id@adsl8.vips.gol.com for users of the FLETS ADSL service
- user-id@b-man.vips.gol.com for users of the Mansion type fiber optic service
- user-id@b-fam.vips.gol.com for users of the Family type fiber optic service

** The password is case sensitive and needs to be entered exactly

Click on the 設定 button to continue and save the account information

3. The next screen will show a message in Japanese confirming that the settings are being saved in the modem and that this will take approximately 30 seconds to complete. Once this has been completed, you will see a pop-up message confirming the same. You can click the "OK" button here and this may also close the browser you are using

You should now notice that the PPP light on the router is solid. You can then open your web browser again as you are now connected to the internet

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