Q. How do I check how much storage space my email account is using?

A. In order to check how much storage space your mail account is using, you will need to login to the Webmail site with your user ID* and password

*Your user ID is the part of your email address before the @ mark, i.e. The user ID for the email account user-id@gol.com is just "user-id" (without the punctuation marks)

Please note, when logging into Webmail, please select "IMAP" in the "Type:" field (the default is POP) to make sure you are able to see all mail currently being stored on the server

Once you have logged in to the Webmail site, click on "Options" at the top of the screen and then look for "Quota Options" here. Next to the "Show quota" message, select the option "in message listing" here and then click the "Apply" button at the bottom of this screen to save the changes

After making this change, click on "Inbox" at the top of the screen (or the "Go" button next to it) to return to the Inbox where you should now be able to see the amount of storage space being used in the top right hand corner. This will be labeled "Disk Usage" and will show the amount of storage space being used in KB

The amount of storage space available to you depends on whether you are using our Mail Plus service or not;

Default - 100MB (100,000KB)
Mail Plus 1 - 200MB (200,000KB)
Mail Plus 2 - 1GB (1,000,000KB)
Mail Plus 3 - 2GB (2,000,000KB)
Mail Plus 4 - 3GB (3,000,000KB)

If you are not sure whether you are using the Mail Plus service or not, you can check this in the Members Station. Login here with your user ID and password and then select the Mail Plus option from the left hand side menu where you can check to see if you are using the service or not

If the amount of mail being stored on the server exceeds the amount available, you will not be able to receive new mail and any mail sent to your account will be queued up and then delivered when disk space is made available. If the mailbox remains full for 24 hours, you will be sent an email notification confirming this and any mail that has been queued up will be returned to the sender noting that your mailbox is full

Any mail sent to your account after the full mailbox notification has been sent to you will immediately be rejected and the sender will receive a notice confirming the reason for this is the mailbox is full

If you have any further questions about your mailbox or the Webmail site, please do not hesitate to contact us

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