Q. How do I setup my router to connect with NTT and Rakuten Broadband Premium?

A. It is possible to use a router in connection with an account from Rakuten Broadband Premium and a line and modem from NTT. The basic configuration is usually as follows;

The ethernet cable that comes from the NTT box should go into the WAN/Internet socket on the back of the router. You should then be able to connect the computer to one of the LAN sockets (sometimes labeled as simply numbers, e.g. 1, 2, 3) on the router.

Once you have connected the computer to the router, you will need to setup the connection ID and password from Rakuten Broadband Premium in the router. The type of connection is known as a "PPPoE Connection". Depending on the router you are using, you should be able to connect to the router to configure it in one of the following ways;

1. Use the CD that came with the router and configure if with this software

2. Open up a web browser and type in the IP address of the router in the address bar (e.g. The router manual should confirm the default IP address of the device along with the user name and password required to access the router settings

NOTE - If you are using one of the Apple Airport routers (e.g. the Express, Extreme or Time Capsule), you can access the settings for this device via the Airport Utility in the Mac*. This can normally be found by going to the "Utilities" folder in "Applications".

*If you are using a Windows machine with the Apple Airport router, you will need to make sure the Airport Utility is installed first

Once you have access to the router's settings, you can normally find a section to configure the PPPoE connection. This section usually has a name such as "Internet", "PPPoE" or "WAN". The manual for the router you are using should be able to confirm this.

After entering your Rakuten Broadband Premium connection ID** and password into the PPPoE connection section of the router and saving the changes, you should be able to connect to the internet via the router. 

**The Rakuten Broadband Premium connection ID will usually appear in one of the following formats;

user-name@b-fam.vips.gol.com (Compatible with Fiber Optic Family type lines from NTT)
user-name@b-man.vips.gol.com (Compatible with Fiber Optic Mansion type lines from NTT)

Additional Notes

It's possible that the NTT device you have been provided with can also act as a router and will have multiple LAN sockets on the back of it, e.g. the NTT PR-S300NE device. These devices are usually sent out in "Bridge mode" meaning you do not need to configure this device and can use your own router.

However, if the NTT device has been configured to act as a router and then you decide that you would like to use your own router later, the NTT device will either need to be reset to it's factory default settings so you can setup the PPPoE connection in your own router or the second router will need to setup as a hub or wireless access point.

Rakuten Broadband Premium cannot provide support and configuration instructions for devices that have not been provided by us. For more information about NTT devices, please either refer to their online support documents or contact NTT directly. For more information about the router you are using, please refer to the manufacturers manual or other online support documentation.

Rakuten Broadband Premium can provide a rental router to you (Aterm WR7610HV) which we can provide support for. If you would like to apply for the rental router service, please do so via either the Members Station or by contacting us.

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