Q. How do I register a new domain name with Rakuten Communications?

A. In order to register a domain name with us, please complete our Domain Name Registration application form and return this to us by email, fax or by post. If you do return the form to us by fax, please contact us so that we can confirm receipt of this

The cost to register any domain name with us is 15,000yen per year (excluding tax) unless you are using it in conjunction with our Web Hosting Package. In this case, the domain name is free for the first year and then the charge to renew the domain name each year is 5,000yen (excluding tax)

The Domain Name Registration service also includes the option to use our name servers and setup a custom zone file with A, MX, CNAME records, subdomains, etc. Unfortunately, we do not have a control panel for our users to customize the zone file themselves so if you do want to do this, please contact us directly by email so that we can ensure no mistakes are made with the records you wish to use

Some domain names will require additional documentation before they can be registered as well. Please see the table below for a breakdown of the requirements and limitations for different domain names;

If you do want to register a .xx.jp domain name and are not sure of what documentation to provide with the domain name application, please contact us

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